This website is now an archive following Jo Swinson's election to Parliament in June 2017.

What if fathers spent more time with children?

Children, families and our economy all benefit when fathers spend more time with children.  


Yet in the UK, for every hour women spend caring for children, men spend just 24 minutes (source: Fatherhood Institute 2016 Fairness in Families Index, page 44)


Here you can explore the research behind Jo Swinson's TEDxWhitehallWomen talk on making time for dads to be dads.


Special thanks are due to the Fatherhood Institute for their extensive online research resources, and also to MenCare, who produced the first ever State of the World's Fathers report in 2015.

In no country is childcare divided equally between men and women (source: 2015 State of the World's Fathers report, page 69)

Good for children

  • Children whose fathers are heavily involved in parenting develop better social and language skills, and have better mental health (source: 2015 State of the World's Fathers report, page 224 - 227)
  • Paternal involvement is a better predictor of academic achievement than income (source: Fathers: An Overlooked Resource for Children's School Success cited by the Fatherhood Institute)

Good for our economy & society

Good for parents