This website is now an archive following Jo Swinson's election to Parliament in June 2017.

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"It's not enough to try to 'fix the women'. Organisations need to change."

Equal Power Consulting was founded by Jo Swinson in 2015 to help businesses move beyond 'fixing the women' to recognising that their organisation needs to change to make the most of their talented women as well as the men.


Jo Swinson was a Minister in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and Minister for Women, from 2012 to 2015.  Jo reported at Cabinet on women in the workplace.  She introduced shared parental leave (2015), extended the right to request flexible working (2014), and secured government support for transparency on the gender pay gap in large organisations (from 2016).  


Jo worked with Sir Vince Cable, Lord Davies, Helena Morrissey and others to achieve the target of 25% women on FTSE 100 Boards in 2015.  Her leadership and actions to improve monitoring helped BIS public appointments of women rise from 32% in 2013 to 51% in 2015.


A people person, Jo has a reputation as an inspiring leader to work with, holding herself and others to demanding standards and motivating people to go above and beyond in pursuit of their shared vision.  Her down to earth manner puts people at their ease, while her clarity of thought and experience at the highest levels in Government means she is effective in the boardroom.  This means she has a rare ability to get to the heart of organisational issues: able to elicit the true picture on the ground from junior staff, and authoritatively present a considered analysis of what it means for the business to C-Suite leaders. 


Equal Power Consulting has a network of associates so we can curate the right mix of skills to work with your organisation.