Shared parental leave: a catalyst for workplace equality

Today is the first anniversary of couples being able to use shared parental leave.  


Jo Swinson, who introduced shared parental leave while a Minister at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, commented:  “Shared parental leave can be the catalyst for long-overdue change to outdated stereotypes about men and women in the home and in the workplace.  Changing the law to allow shared parental leave is my proudest achievement, though changing the culture to promote take-up is the ongoing challenge."   



"Where employers give men access to the same enhanced parental pay as women, and foster a supportive attitude for dads and mums, this research shows that shared parental leave is already popular.  Almost two thirds of fathers say they would like to use shared parental leave, and employers need to respond positively if they want to be able to attract and retain talent.”


You can read my opinion piece for the Financial Times here.


The research report "Shared Parental Leave - One Year On - Where Are We Now?" produced by The Women's Business Council and My Family Care is here.



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