This website is now an archive following Jo Swinson's election to Parliament in June 2017.

About Us

Equal Power Consulting was founded by Jo Swinson to help businesses move beyond 'fixing the women' to changing their organisation.


We support you to identify and deliver the change your organisation needs to make to enable both women and men to thrive.


Jo Swinson is an engaging public speaker and talented communicator both in the media and face-to-face.  


Watch and read recent media coverage on Channel 4 News, the Evening Standard and Newsweek.

Do women choose the gender pay gap?

The Resolution Foundation has released analysis that shows while the gender pay gap is narrowing for women in their 20s, it remains stubbornly persistent across the generations for women in their 30s and 40s. I discussed the issue on BBC's Radio 4 Today programme with commentator Jill Kirby, who argued that it the choices of women that drive the pay divide. You can listen to our full 5 minute exchange here (skip to 01:51:48) or there is a 2 minute clip of part of our debate here.

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Time with dad - TEDxWhitehallWomen

The Foreign Office was buzzing today, hosting TEDxWhitehallWomen: one member of staff told me how counter-intuitive it was to have people singing in the usually straight-laced, formal, gilded surroundings. I have such fond memories of the people I worked with in Whitehall when I was a Minister, so doing my first TEDx talk in Whitehall felt homely, despite the imposing environment. 



The topic of TEDxWhitehallWomen is ‘time’. My message today is to let dads have the time to be dads. 

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Gender pay gap reporting: a catalyst for change

Beware the “shrill equal pay brigade”, warned a Conservative MP in Parliament last month.  While his sexist rhetoric displayed a staggering disdain for those championing fairer workplaces, he also managed to miss the point.  Equal pay is only part of the picture – we need a better informed debate about gender equality in the workplace. 


That’s why mandatory Gender Pay Gap reporting for large employers from April 2017 onwards is so important. 

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